Shazia - Vida

I began painting Vida in the summer but the light in my studio wasn’t so great due to the rain which seemed endless. Hence there was a lot of stopping and starting with this piece.
Like most of my paintings I had no clear idea in what direction this painting was taking (I didn’t even have a working title). I let thoughts dictate, but nothing good was coming my way so I decided to take the canvas down and try to start on another piece. A couple of days later, two things happened: firstly, I spied a kingfisher in my garden. It was all but brief, but it made me smile on what was fast becoming the worse summer on record. The second was a correspondence from a little girl who had just bought the very last print of ‘Alvi’ and her excitement was so evident in her little note of thanks she sent to me.

Canvas on Board
32" x 40"

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